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When your with me it feels alright [entries|friends|calendar]
A Community For The Fans Of...LOGAN...

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Update! [2-16-07 at 11pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Wow, it seems this place has become pretty unactive! tut tut!!

Well, theres plenty of things happening in Logan land as of late, so seen as I'm so nice here's an update:

February 26th, Logan officially release 2nd single "Hallowed Ground", with an in-store performance at HMV Argyle Street, Glasgow. Single singing afterwards. Starts at 5pm!
March 3rd, Logan play Cardiff Barfly. I am, of course, going to be there!
March 12th, Logan play the Cathouse in Glasgow, as support for Warrior Soul.
April 22nd - Logan are set to rock London. Details and ticket info soon.

A clip of new track 'Nothing Believes In Me' is on their myspace now, www.myspace.com/loganmusic and also two new tracks have been played live, all those at Glasgow Barfly (Jan 12th) were priviledged to hear them...

as always www.logan-net.com, www.myspace.com/loganmusic, www.youtube.com/user/loganmusic and www.loganrock.bebo.com


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MonkeyPaw [7-28-06 at 7pm]

Hey guys =)

how we all doin???

Just thought i'd update and say if you like Logan then check out MonkeyPaw!! some of you may have heard...but if not, www.myspace.com/monkeypawmusic

Hope you liked the Logan Photos from Nottingham's Rock City. Hope all that made it to a date on the tour enjoyed it...

Do we need any graphics making for promoting the community?? if so , hit me up =] hehe.

Over 'n' Out..Leela (",)
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pictures from Nottingham Rock City, July 6th 2006. [7-9-06 at 12pm]

Well these are my pictures from Logan's first show in England on their own UK tour (they had played Glasgow ABC2 on Saturday 1st). Hope you like them, am glad they came out really well for once, but please don't use without my permission. Thanks peoples!!

Rock City picsCollapse )
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LOGAN VIDEO RELEASE, LIVE CHAT!!! [4-19-06 at 2pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Ok hey guys...thanks for all the loving welcomes and such!! Just thought I'd post to let those that don't know, the video is to be unleashed to the fans tonight, at a live chat with the band. Now, for live chat you need to head to the main page of the site and register a username and password (for those who haven't been on before). The video already looks absolutely awesome, and the single so far sounds amazing - judged on the clip uploaded by the ever-wonderful Mick!!(I do believe twas Mick anyway, lol). So for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, you can find it in the multimedia section on the site. Other than that, BE THERE TONIGHT!!!

And maybe see ya on tour! woooooooooooooooooooooooo. A very very very excited Leela! x

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Just a quick notice [4-15-06 at 4pm]

[ mood | amused ]

This community has been on the down low for ages now but i guess its down to not really mentioning it *look of guilt* but from now on i'll definetly make sure that posts are being made far more often. If anyone is here who hasnt yet signed up over at the Logan forum go and head over www.logan-net.com

Come over, introduce yourselves and make sure you get behind Logan for the upcoming UK tour!

Take care,

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Members Only [12-4-05 at 4pm]


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